How Pricey Are Out-of-Season Flowers?

Question: I’m planning the décor for my winter wedding, and everyone keeps telling me the flowers I want are out of season, and that it’s going to make everything really expensive. How much more is it, really, to use out-of-season flowers compared to in-season ones?

Answer: “It is actually possible to get flowers that are out of season — however, floral designers sometimes will have to import them from across the world, which can result in a mark-up of over 50 percent,” says Katherine Patty Warden, owner of event design boutique TableArt in Wayne. And besides the inconvenience that this may cause to your wallet, there’s also the aesthetics to think of: “An out-of-season flower won’t survive as well in alternate climates and therefore will not look the way you might want it to.”

But brides-to-be need not be discouraged. There are ways around having to spend an arm and a leg to order out-of-season flowers. “There are similar flowers and branches that may be used as a substitute to the ones you are set on,” says Warden. “For an October bride who loves blooming branches, I might suggest using curly willow branches and attaching orchids, roses or hydrangea blooms to soften and add color and drama.” — Chelsea Solitrin


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