Do Younger Guests Get an Invite?

webinvite1Stationery and invite maven Sonia Forcina brings us up to speed on invitation etiquette.

Question: At what age should I be sending my younger guests their own, personalized wedding invitations, even if they’re living with their parents?

Answer: If you are inviting children who are living away from home — or if they’re over 18 and living with their parents — they should receive their own invitation, says Sonia Forcina, owner of the stationery and gifts store Details in Philadelphia. That’s true even if a family has, say, three adult children living in their home.

You could even opt to send everyone their own invitation if you’re inviting children under the age of 18, says Forcina — though it’s not necessary. “You can just add the child’s name or children’s names under the parents’ names on the envelope.” Whatever you choose to do, though, just make sure you’re consistent across your guest list. “You wouldn’t want you guests to be offended if they found out other guests their age received their own invite, and he or she did not.” — Carrie Denny, with reporting by Chelsea Solitrin


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