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SoWe Bar & Kitchen Begins Sunday Night Dinner Series

Hey, speaking of Justin Swain, SoWe Bar & Kitchen has just introduced their new collaborative dinner series, which features the Rex 1516 chef as the […]


Where We’re Eating: SoWe in Graduate Hospital

I’ve gotten better service at the DIY froyo place off South Street than I did at SoWe. One Saturday night, I made a reservation for […]


Special Bubbly Happy Hour at Wm. Mulherin’s Sons

  The happiest of all hours is going to be a little happier this week. Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 9th, Wm. Mulherin’s Sons will be hosting […]

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Would You Let Your Son Play Football?

So: Are you going to let your son play football? I’m not. And if you’re like growing numbers of parents, you won’t either: Pop Warner […]

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I Just Bought My Son a Toy Gun

Over the weekend, I purchased a gun for my son while on a family getaway to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania’s NRA-friendly, conservative epicenter. The gun in […]

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Philly Cop Charged With Attempted Murder of Son

When Dorion Young’s son walked away from him at the end of a holiday argument about the use of the car, the Philadelphia police officer […]


Cocktails And Bubbles Happy Hour At Wm Mulherin’s Sons

You know what can make a Wednesday better? Strong liquor and bubbly wine. And while that might not be the reason for the crew at […]

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This is Not the Letter You Write Your Gay Son

A young man came out to his father and received a letter disowning him. The openly gay son has since shared the letter with the world.

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Lewis Katz’s Son, Drew, Gets Married In Florida

The New York Times reports: “Rachel Lauren Snyder, the daughter of April J. Snyder and Dr. Robert A. Snyder of Golden Beach, Fla., was married […]

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Presenting “Son of Romney: Will A Romney Runs for Office Again?”

Heeeeeeeere’s Romney! Not the one you’re so sick of, but the one you’re gonna be sick of: Taggggg! Massachusetts has an open Senate seat, vacated […]

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Sally Field Loves Her Gay Son

Sally Field received an ally award at the HRC’s Equality Awards in Washington D.C. this past weekend, talking about her son Sam’s coming out and life as a gay mom, and what it’s like to be a supportive parent.

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Pulse: 60-Second Critic: Favorite Son

Main Liners may know David Wolpe — rabbi of L.A.’s Sinai Temple, author, talking head — as the son of ­Gerald, former ­rabbi of Penn […]

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Tom Corbett’s Son-in-Law Target of a Sting Investigation

Tom Corbett’s son-in-law Gerald Gibson, a Philadelphia narcotics officer, is being investigated by the FBI and the Philadelphia police for repeatedly stealing clothes and money […]

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Out to the Ball Game — With My Three Sons

It starts tonight. After decades of procrastination, I am finally doing it — a tour of the great lots where America indulges in our national […]

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Son Snitches On His Mom for Sleeping With His Friend

It’s going to be a long day if we’re going to continue to hear stories like this. A 15-year-old in Upper Chichester reported that his […]