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City Life

Interview: When Women Lead Newsrooms

It’s not easy to find a woman leading a newsroom. Yes, women do ascend to the top spots of newspapers and magazines — but sometimes, […]

City Life

Interview: The David to Comcast’s Goliath

Is Patrick Gottsch the David to Comcast’s Goliath? He’s certainly making the attempt. Gottsch is the founder of RFD-TV, an Omaha-based television network that features […]

Be Well Philly

What 10 Philly Fitness Pros Eat for Breakfast

I love breakfast—a lot. Like, I could eat breakfast food for every meal and still crave eggs and banana pancakes. But on those mornings (read: every morning) […]

Birds 24/7

Three-And-Out: Eagles-Lions Predictions

McManus: Todd Herremans Alex Henery was college teammates at Nebraska with Ndamukong Suh and says he has been texting with him this week as the Eagles get […]

City Life

Why Mannequin Is the Best Movie Ever Made About Philadelphia

Mannequin is not a good movie. You really only need to know the film’s plot to figure that out: A down-on-his-luck Philadelphian gets a job […]

City Life

Let’s Drop the Class Warfare Talk and Actually Save the Middle Class

The past four years have been host to one of the most discordant political cycles in recent history, an atmosphere of vitriol and volatility that […]

City Life

Give Juan Castillo Some Credit: The Eagles Are 2-0 Because of His Defense

The talk over the next seven days will no doubt center on comebacks and turnovers and lousy refereeing and parallels to the quick-starting 2004 Super […]

paseo verde

Inside the Greenest Building In Town

Imagine an apartment where the thermostat can tell you when you’re using too much energy. How about an apartment building where bikes outnumber cars in […]

City Life

Miss America Can’t Save Atlantic City

Wrapped in brown construction paper in my office are two Miss America composites that I bought last year from an antique store in Cape May. […]

City Life

Can Michael Vick Rescue the Eagles Season?

Now that your lawns are tidy, the costumed invaders have been sent off with their quarry and the countdown is on to the Phillies’ April […]