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Hush Salon Philadelphia

Chances are you’ve passed this year-old salon nestled upstairs inside Old City’s Sweat gym without even knowing it. No more. The former Bang is now […]

Adrienne Rogers at Hush Salon

If you want hair that looks like a God-given shade of gorgeous, or high- and lowlights so natural-looking that your own mama thinks theyre yours, […]

Christopher Hill, Headhouse Salon

Bring him your pictures (be sure to check out his Insta for inspiration), tell him about your lifestyle (read: your hair maintenance routine, or lack […]

Wild Honey Salon

Over at mother/daughter-owned Wild Honey Salon you’ll find a come-as-you-are vibe, stylists who are excellent listeners, and a team that helps one another grow. Plus, […]


That House Out There: A Home Fit for an Architect in Chestnut Hill

Usually, the presence of the word “charming” in a real estate listing is a code word for “small.” But we can’t think of a better […]

Janice Stein at AME Salon and Spa

It’s no wonder sugaring has taken the hair-removal world by storm: It hurts less than waxing (the sensation is more tug than riiiip), it leaves […]

Philadelphia Wedding

Bride-to-be Stephanie: My Hair & Makeup Trial!

More than a half hour late to my appointment due to the absurd amount of people bustling around the Convention Center for the Flower Show […]

michael salove dog

This Is Michael Salove’s Polar Bear. Her Name Is Zara.

Michael Salove, the head of MSC, is a force to be reckoned with in Philadelphia retail and restaurant real estate–consulting, leasing, advising, selling, you name […]

Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon

If the hypothetical Real Housewives of the Main Line retreated to this big-as-a-McMansion salon and spa for body floats or sea soaks or Alpine herbal […]


7 Best Nail Salons at the Shore

Nothing ravages perfectly polished nails quite like saltwater and gritty sand. This is why, even on a sunny day, you’ll find women lined up at mani […]

Avery’s Pet Styling Salon and Boutique

Until we find someone who’ll make house calls to coif our ‘dos and pamper us with facials and soothe us with aromatherapy massages, we’ll just […]

Carlos Rogers at Hush Salon Philadelphia

Show us a dude who says he’s not obsessed with his dome’s sprouts, and we’ll show you a fibber. Hush co-owner Carlos Rogers understands. From […]

City Life

Tanning Salons Are Banning “Tanorexic” Mom

A slew have tanning salons in the Garden State have decided it’s against their best interests to allow “tanorexic” mom Patricia Krentcil to use their […]


Trying Sazon

Mac & Cheese ventures to Spring Garden Street and Philadelphia’s only Venezuelan restaurant, Sazon. Sazon [Mac & Cheese]

Curtis J. Moody

Temple Names Architect for Proposed Football Stadium

Temple University has hired the architecture firm of Moody Nolan to design the proposed on-campus football stadium, as well as new retail that would be […]