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The Phillie Phanatic Will Come to Your Kid’s Birthday Party (If You Win This Auction)

If you have the cash, the Phillie Phanatic will come to your birthday party. We are still a ways from baseball season, but that sounds […]

City Life

It Happened Today: The Phillies Phanatic Born, David Lynch Buys First Camera, and a LGBT Sit-In

Many of the 17,000 in attendance must have thought: What on Earth is that? It was April 25, 1978, and a bright green, 6-1/2 foot […]

City Life

No One Needs to Tell Philly the Phanatic’s the Best

“Won’t you save us, Super Phanatic?” The Phillie Phanatic’s birthday party had devolved into chaos. Although the stadium was in its second year, security hadn’t […]

City Life

Jon Stewart Slams Philly, Cheesesteaks, Art Museum, Phanatic

Jon Stewart didn’t take well to Ryne Sandberg’s report he’d received food poisoning from Shake Shack during a series against Stewart’s Mets, leading to Stewart’s […]

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The Phanatic Is America’s Favorite Mascot

The Phillie Phanatic has been named America’s Favorite Sports Mascot. Yay! [Forbes] This news comes after yesterday’s celebration for the Phanatic’s birthday. He rounded up […]

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WATCH: The Phanatic Even Makes Weddings Better

Melissa + David ~ Phillie Phanatic Highlight from EAV Productions on Vimeo.

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Paula Abdul Hugged Charlie Manuel and Danced With the Phanatic

Paula Abdul is at the Phillies game today. Why? Perhaps to distract everyone from the fact that the team’s lost five six (the game went […]

Phillie Phanatic
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YouTube Flashback: Tommy Lasorda Goes After the Phanatic

We have no idea why Major League Baseball published this video of Tommy Lasorda going insane on the Phillie Phanatic this week to its YouTube […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The Phanatic Is Toast

Sports fans of all sorts are growing increasingly restless, and in response, leagues are wracking their heads to figure out how and when it’s safe […]

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Was Shane Victorino’s Cameo on Hawaii Five-o Better Than the Phanatic’s Cameo on 30 Rock?

Hawaii Five-0 is a violent show. Not just violent for the standards of network TV, but violent for the standards of Hawaii. The state average […]