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Be Well Philly

French Press Coffee and Regular Stretching Keep This Roxborough Dentist Going

Who I am: Rupali Gaindh (@rgaindhxo), 29 Where I live: Center City What I do: I am a dentist specializing in cosmetic and preventative dentistry in Roxborough. […]


20+ Career Tips From Successful Philadelphians to Help You Kick Off 2019

Yes, we’ve made it to 2019, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw all of 2018 away. Last year, we interviewed more than 50 […]

City Life

Asa Khalif Is Running for Philadelphia City Council. Is City Council Ready for Him?

One November morning a little over a year ago, Asa Khalif and Ikey Raw paid a visit to the Philadelphia office of Josh Shapiro, the […]


Steakhouses in Philadelphia: The Ultimate Guide

Updated: 1/16/2020 Not too long ago, the steakhouse was the only American restaurant that mattered. In most towns, in most cities, there was the steakhouse […]

new years eve dinner phildelphia

28 Restaurants Where You Can Ring in the New Year in Philadelphia

Twenty eighteen is (finally) coming to a close — and that’s something to celebrate with a great meal. Whether you’re over partying hard or simply […]

Philadelphia Wedding

21 Philly Jewelry Stores With Truly Stunning Engagement Rings

Guess what? Right now is one of the most popular times out of the whole year to propose. We get it: families are coming together, […]


I Love My Job: Philly Buffalo Exchange Manager on Why He Doesn’t Take Most of Your Clothes

Imagine being able to influence the closets of thousands of Philadelphians, from the shoes they rock one summer to the accessories they hold on to […]

City Life

It’s About Time Birds Got a Little Respect

Several years ago, I heard a story on public radio that made me cry. This isn’t unusual, of course. Between The Moth and StoryCorps, Reveal […]

City Life

The Biggest Winners and Losers in Philadelphia’s 2017 Primary Election

Philadelphia’s election on Tuesday was a game-changer. The winner of the Democratic primary for district attorney is a criminal defense lawyer who has never prosecuted a case […]

City Life

Goals for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2017

2016 was a productive year for the Philadelphia 76ers, even if it doesn’t necessarily feel that way when looking at the team’s 15-65 record during […]