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City Life

Fishtown: An Oral History (So Far)

The neighborhood that symbolizes a new Philadelphia finds itself at a crossroads. From Roland Kassis to Stephen Starr, 26 people who made Fishtown what it […]

City Life

The Lost Accord

IT WAS LIKE no other labor dispute Philadelphia had ever seen. World-renowned cellists and harpists with placards picketing in front of the Philadelphia Orchestra Association […]

covid generation
City Life

What Is Pandemic Life Doing to Our Kids? Maybe Not What We Think

The moms are very worried. Since March of 2020 — when schools started closing and COVID got real — you can find them (okay, us) […]

City Life

The Little Poconos Town That Accidentally Got Cool

He’s being nice about it — really, really nice — but I can tell Tim Meagher is ready to wrap up our time together. Wearing […]

City Life

Why Is Bob Brady Still in Charge?

Bob Brady, the U.S. Congressman and boss of Philadelphia’s Democratic Party, is six-foot-one and has a massive barrel chest. His head and neck are also […]

Photograph by Justin James Muir.
City Life

Bill Hite Has the Hardest Job in the Country

On the third Thursday of every month, William Hite is subjected to four hours of ritual torture. The sessions take place in an auditorium at […]

City Life

The Secret Life of Chip Kelly

I am in pursuit. It’s late May, and I’m spending a few days driving all over the southeastern corner of New Hampshire, that plug of […]

City Life

The Ultimate Philly Face-Off

WHO’S THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME? You know how it goes. You’re at Dirty Frank’s, minding your own business, when some moron starts spouting off […]

City Life

Get Fit Now!: Workouts That Work

Remember when exercise was simple? There was the Jane Fonda approach — pull on those leg warmers and get physical! The Pumping Iron approach — […]

City Life

Vernon the Barbarian

They're shimmying into the Tweeter Center arena now, 5,000 strong, drinks in hand, silver New Year's hats emblazoned with wow! atop their heads, while the […]

City Life

Power: Reformer R.I.P.

Paul Vallas was the most effective Philadelphia schools chief in a generation. So why did he leave for New Orleans? The story of his downfall […]

City Life

A Family’s Struggle

Tammy and Andy Reid (Philadelphia Eagles Coach), speak out about their sons’ drug and legal problems for the first time. On January 30th, 2007, Garrett […]

City Life

Blanka Zizka: Philadelphia’s Drama Queen

As the train rumbled toward the border crossing, the young woman was terrified. It was a June day in the midst of the Cold War. […]

City Life

Wrongful Death

On Monday, March 23, 2009, just after midnight, a young lawyer named Zachary Glaser was working late when he received a text message from a […]

City Life

Brawl on the Square

THE WARS THAT are fought around Rittenhouse Square are usually quite civil. Occasionally, a perfect apartment in one of the best buildings will become available […]