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Through the Eyes Of Marcus Vick

Marcus Vick does not sound like you might expect him to.

His  public image is in such bad shape, you’re almost anticipating this snarly voice to snap at you when answer the phone; some one-dimensional character that fits with our understanding of the man, which has been cobbled together from newspaper clippings and Wikipedia entries and of course, Twitter outbursts.

What we found in our recent hour-long conversation with Marcus was something completely different. He was measured and he was thoughtful and he was reflective. He didn’t give any impression that he lacked a moral compass — only the ability to stay consistently true to it.

Now 29 years old, Marcus has been sitting shotgun for the entirety of his brother’s  journey. Whether it be a limousine or a jail cell, he has been by Mike’s side. That makes his perspective a unique and important one. From the humble beginnings to his brother’s meteoric rise; from the devastating fall to the climb towards maturity and respectability, this is how it has all looked through the eyes of Marcus Vick.

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Will We Still Love the Flyers Without the Blood and Violence?

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Donovan McNabb Looks Back

“When I got drafted, I was a block over,” a wistful Donovan McNabb says from a conference room at the Marriott Marquis overlooking Times Square. […]

gene therapy
NextHealth PHL

Gene Therapy Is Giving Us Incredible New Tools to Fight Disease. How Far Can It Go?

Think back to last spring. (You probably don’t want to, but humor me.) Those early months of the coronavirus pandemic in America weren’t all fear […]

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Whatever Happened to Cutting People Some Damn Slack?

In Philadelphia, for obvious reasons, schoolchildren certainly get more than their fair share of Revolutionary War history. Where I grew up, though, the lore and […]

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Meet the Marketing COO Who Coaches CrossFit and (Proudly!) Pushes Her Dog in a Stroller

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Patrick Kennedy and the Jersey Girl

ON MARCH 31, 2010, PATRICK KENNEDY came to Atlantic City to give a speech. In the previous nine months, he had buried both his father, […]

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A Week in the Life of Trainer Jordan Deane, Who Launched a Virtual Studio Amid the Pandemic

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