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City Life

Does Renee Zellweger Have a Thing for the Phillie Phanatic?

Parking Authority Workers Being Trained to Look for Car Bombs. It’s a response to the Times Square bomb last month. This ought to make for […]

12 Angry Men parody - 11 men with the Phanatic photoshopped in

The Phillie Phanatic Had Jury Duty Today

Is the Constitutional right to a fair trial abrogated when one of the jurors is the Phillie Phanatic? That’s the question I have after the […]

City Life

Looking to Score an Impromptu Visit From the Phillie Phanatic?

It’s Wednesday. You probably rolled out of bed behind schedule, burnt your breakfast and now are reading this article instead of doing the work you’re […]

City Life

WATCH: Dr. Dog and the Phillie Phanatic Jam

Dr. Dog welcomed the Phillie Phanatic onstage as part of their encore during their 2014 Headline Tour February 1, 2014 at the Electric Factory in […]

City Life

VIDEOS: Watch These 6 Great Clips of the Phillie Phanatic

Happy birthday, Phillie Phanatic! While the Phanatic’s birthday will be observed on a Sunday as usual — May 18th of this year — the Phanatic debuted […]

City Life

The Phillie Phanatic Will Haunt This Adorable Baby’s Nightmares Forever

For most kids, the Phillie Phanatic is a cherished piece of the Philadelphia baseball experience. The fuzzy green mascot shoots hot dogs out of a […]

City Life

Somehow Mr. Met Is More Famous Than the Phillie Phanatic

The Davie Brown Index measures public perception of celebrities and public figures and how they influence certain brands. The latest DBI survey on sports mascots […]

City Life

“Phillie Phanatic” Helps Teddy Win Presidents’ Race at Nationals Park

At every home Nationals game, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt race in the outfield. In the history of The Presidents’ Race, […]

City Life

Terrifying Blood Red Phillie Phanatic Returns to Haunt Your Dreams

In 2 days: Guess who’s back and RED-y for Phillies baseball? #PaintTheTownRed http://t.co/hNLrEAA3YC pic.twitter.com/Wv9p4scCWY — Phillies (@Phillies) March 27, 2014 Baseball season is about to […]

City Life

Philly Phanatic, Swoop, Do Harlem Shake with Angelo Cataldi

I promise this is the last Harlem Shake post I will ever write. But here’s the 94WIP version, feat. Ben Franklin, Phanatic, and a bunch […]