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City Life

Philadelphia + a Pipeline (or Two) = America’s Next Energy Hub

About 1,400 miles from Philadelphia, at the northern edge of the Louisiana bayou, lies a spaghetti junction of steel tubing called Henry Hub, where 13 […]

City Life

Thing of Beauty

HUGH DOWNS TURNS TO FACE the camera and reads a teaser for the next segment of the January 6, 1983, edition of 20-20. "Well, next," […]

City Life

Who Killed the Philly POPS?

It was a cold night in November 2022, and a brass quintet from the Philly POPS was performing a gig. The musicians, in heavy coats […]

City Life

How Michael Rubin, Meek Mill’s Billionaire Bestie, Got Woke

“Did you see what’s on his phone? That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen.” Michael Rubin is wrestling with Joel Embiid in a losing […]

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City Life

Lenfest and Katz Criticize Norcross in E-mail Appeals to Newspaper Journos

[Update 3:08 pm with comment from Howard Gensler] It’s official: The newspaper war in Philadelphia has become — in part — a battle for the […]

teenage anxiety
City Life

Teenagers Are More Stressed Than Ever. Who’s to Blame?

One morning last fall, I was sitting at Green Engine Coffee in Haverford when I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. One buzz at […]

City Life

Post-COVID, Does Center City Have a Future?

If you ever find yourself awake at three o’clock in the morning and would like some company as you fret about whatever it is you’re […]

City Life

A Night in the Life of the Night Mayor

It’s 12:30 a.m. on what’s just become a Friday in August, and I’m out and about with the Night Mayor. We’re on West Girard at […]

Things to Do

David Devan and the Future of Opera in Philadelphia

“Toi toi toi!” It’s the opera equivalent of “break a leg,” and David Devan is saying it to everyone in sight as he darts around […]

City Life

William Barnes Profile: This Man Shot a Cop

ON THE AFTERNOON of August 21st, 2007, like many afternoons before, an old man named William Barnes dipped his mop into its bucket, lifted it, […]

City Life

Thing of Beauty (Part 2)

This is part two of a two-part article. To read part one, click here. By this point, her parents knew of her heroin use, and […]

City Life

Han’s Dynasty

In any serious food city in America, there exists a cadre of chefs and restaurateurs who are the Big Dogs. The guys (because, yeah, it’s […]

City Life

The Ugly Philly-Centric Feud at the Center of America’s 250th Birthday Celebration

Independence Hall. A glorious spring day. Enthused parents and less-enthused teenagers march around, gazing up at the bronze statue of Commodore John Barry, his outstretched […]

City Life

How Bankroll Went Bust

The problem with Paul Martino may be just how good he is. Martino lives in Doylestown, after growing up in Lansdale, where he started his […]


The Mystery of Lê From Hop Sing Laundromat

Hey, Buddy … I can see Lê on Market Street, pulling stuff out of the passenger seat of his BMW convertible. Mail, packages, receipts, a […]