Office Challenge Tip of the Day No. 26: Beware the Office E-Mail

Are your co-workers making you fat?

Illustration by Justin Renninger

I don’t know about your office, but we here at Philly Mag seem to constantly be tempting one another with E-mail subject lines heralding the arrival of some (almost always not-good-for-you) food.

Subject line: “Hungry?”
E-mail copy: “There is some good jerk chicken and rice and beans on the newspaper table.”

Subject line: “Lunch alert: two sandwich deliveries today.”
E-mail copy: “Jake’s Sandwich Board at noon. Garces Trading at 2 p.m.”

Subject line: “Dessert Extravaganza!”
E-mail copy: “There is the equivalent of a Venetian Dessert Buffet in my office. Some cakes, candies and sorbets. Come on over! (Yes, it’s Best of Philly season.)”

Subject line: “Pizza from Iron Hill on table.”
E-mail copy: “And beer.”

Subject line: “Completely ridonc sweet potato wedding cake on the table”
Email copy: “It’s probably still cold from being in my fridge all night, but it should be
good and ready for you to have it for lunch. ”

These are actual emails that have been sent. Not a dramatization. Please pray for our waistlines.

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