Wild Biker Cody Heron Just Had a Very Bad Day in Court

Plus, the Washington Post hates Wawa pizza, too.

Philadelphia police say the man wearing the motorcycle helmet in the wild viral motorcycle video from Sunday night is 26-year-old Cody Heron

Philadelphia police say the man wearing the motorcycle helmet in the wild viral motorcycle video is 26-year-old Cody Heron

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Wild Biker Cody Heron Just Had a Very Bad Day in Court

It’s been more than two weeks since that bonkers motorcycle video from Philadelphia made its way around the world, showing a biker (who police say is 26-year-old Cody Heron) smashing the back window of a woman’s car before the woman gets out of the car and confronts him.

On Monday, Heron appeared in court for a hearing. There, his lawyer asked the judge to lower his bail, which had been set at $2.5 million, meaning Heron would have to come up with 10 percent, or $250,000, to get out of jail pending trial. But get this: In a hugely unexpected move, the judge increased the bail. That’s right: Heron’s bail went from $2.5 million to $4 million.

Heron’s lawyer, Justin Capek, released the following statement:

We respectfully disagree with the Court’s legal findings with regard to the charges being substantiated by the evidence and the necessity for a further increase in Mr. Heron’s bail. Mr. Heron looks forward to accepting responsibility for the appropriate crime and has remained steadfast in commitment to make amends for his conduct.

In an interview after the arrest, Capek admitted to me the video was disturbing but insisted there’s more to the story.

Heron’s next date in court is October 30th, meaning he’ll turn 27 while in jail. Unless his biker pals come up with $400,000, of course.

The Washington Post Hates Wawa Pizza, Too

Those of you who believe that all of us liberal media outlets conspire together to espouse one and only one worldview will love this one: Yesterday, a couple of hours after I wrote about how much people seem to dislike Wawa pizza, the Washington Post jumped into the conversation with its own Wawa pizza review. The writer was rightfully left wondering, “Why does it exist?”

Hell No, We Won’t Blow!

Philadelphia’s legislative leaders have a host of problems to tackle. Crime. Education. Poverty. And, oh yes, leaf blowers! Specifically, gas-powered leaf blowers. It’s fall, meaning lots of leaf blowing is going on. And some Philadelphians are calling on City Council to ban the devices, in part because their emissions are unhealthy. But what I really want to know is, where do these opponents of gas-powered leaf blowers live that there are so many trees?

Local Talent

Delco dad Mike Kane is back with his awesome Halloween app FrightMaps, which lets you find the best Halloween houses near you. I’ve been playing around with it a bit and driving around the general area to check some stuff out. And I have to say, Delco, you people have some truly dark minds, particularly over in Lansdowne. You can download the FrightMaps app here.

Reader Mail

Last week, as the Phillies were preparing to clobber those losers from Atlanta, I wrote a love letter to the Braves titled “5 Reasons We Hate the Atlanta Braves So Much.” Now that the Braves are long in our rearview mirror, I thought that would be the end of the conversation. But no, thanks to John D. of upstate New York (his Facebook profile photo is of him in a Braves jersey standing behind a Braves World Series ring sculpture), who had this to say on Tuesday morning:

Hey hypocrite,

Did you forget that your radio announcers had a problem with the Braves home run celebrations? Typical Philly fan, “it sucks when you do it but it’s ok when we do.” Just like the manager saying he likes players who “act like they have been there” but had no problem with anything his players do. That’s why Philly fans are the worst.

We may be the worst, John. But we’re the best of the worst.

By the Numbers

$0: What it will cost you to ride SEPTA’s Broad Street Line to and from the stadium complex today, beginning at 5 p.m. That’s also what it will cost you to park at any metered spot throughout the city or at any Philadelphia Parking Authority Regional Rail lot. Officials are hoping all of this will help alleviate a potential traffic and logistical nightmare, given that there are three sporting events down yonder tonight. The Phillies. The Flyers. And Mexico vs. Germany in a soccer match at the Linc.

20%: With 346 homicides so far this year, the decrease in year-to-date Philadelphia homicides as of 11:59 p.m. Monday compared to the same time period last year. That’s certainly better news than it could be. But keep in mind that on this day 10 years ago, that number stood at 197.

1,200: Deer that researchers have been GPS-tracking in Pennsylvania over the last decade in what strives to be, according to this fascinating New York Times story, “the most sweeping effort ever undertaken to understand North America’s most widespread large animals, as well as the impact they have on the vegetation and soil in our nation’s forest.”

And from the Whew-That’s-Close Sports Desk …

You know what happened last night? The first game of the National League Championship Series between the Phillies and the Diamondbacks, that’s what happened last night. Zack Wheeler got the start for us vs. Zac Gallen. In case you needed another reason to dislike Arizona’s team, their owner, Ken Kendrick (clever name, huh?), is a big Ron DeSantis supporter. Wheels was fine in the first after a bloop hit by Corbin Carroll to start it, with two K’s and a ground-out. You know who looked even better? Kyle Schwarber, who led off our half with a solo homer. And Bryce Harper went ahead and did the same!

Many happy returns, sir! And welcome home, Zac Gallen, Jersey kid who was a childhood Cardinals fan! Wheeler got three straight in the second, and in our half, Nick Castellanos hit a … yeah, solo homer. Stop us if we’re boring youse. Wheeler had a 1-2-3 third, and Trea Turner doubled in our half and scored on a Harper single. Gallen then hit Alec Bohm with a pitch and walked Bryson Stott to load ’em up for J.T. with one out. Damn, double play. Wheels put them down three in a row again, though, so …

They sent Gallen out for more punishment in the bottom of the fourth, but he got through it unscathed. In the fifth? Make it 15 straight outs for Wheels, and a Harper walk to start ours. He went to second on a wild pitch to Stott, who flew out; a Realmuto single scored Harper: 5-0. Evan Longoria got a single in the sixth — the first D’backs hit since the opening bloop — and Geraldo Perdomo hit a homer to make it 5-2. That got Hoffman up in the bullpen — would Gallen outlast Wheels? Nah. Cross-sport timeout:

Kyle Nelson relieved Gallen, and Seranthony came in for our seventh and walked Christian Walker, then made an egregious error on an easy toss to second on a grounder: men on first and third, no outs. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. lined out, and a long Alek Thomas fly scored one more: 5-3. José Alvarado came in for Seranthony and notched the last out. Our turn! Catcher Gabriel Moreno botched the throw to first on a little Turner bloop that let him reach second, but reliever Miguel Castro — all six-foot-seven of him — got through it. In the eighth, Alvarado allowed a two-out single to Ketel Marte but got Tommy Pham on a grounder to end it. Bottom half? New reliever Luis Frias sliced us down, 1-2-3. The ninth: Craig Kimbrel, whatcha got? A strikeout, a walk to Moreno, a chat with J.T., a full count — and a freaking double play.

Here we go: Red October. Game 2 tonight, same time, same place.

How About the Sixers?

They paid a call on Ben Simmons and the Brooklyn Nets last night. Joel Embiid, who’d been listed as ready to play, turned out to be under the weather at this dawning of the Nurse Era, and James Harden decorated the bench, but Tyrese and Kelly and the rest of the lads looked good. We were up 68-51 at the half; Simmons was 1-for-4 for two points, and that one shot came early.

The Sixers led by as much as 22 in the third, but the Nets came crawling back in the fourth to within nine — Ben had four points by then — and Patrick Beverley was tossed out of the game for his second technical, but a timely Jaden Springer three — whoa, was that a Simmons three? And then a steal and dunk? Damn, it was a seven-point game. With 2:23 left, it was a six-point lead. Final? 127-119. Fuck you, Ben.

And Tonight?

Besides the second NLCS game, you mean? Well, the U.S. men’s national team has a friendly with Ghana starting at 8:30. Oh, the Flyers also play.

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