The Most Ridiculous (and Philly-Centric) Super Bowl Prop Bets

From Rocky to baby Kelce to Bradley Cooper, you can pretty much bet on anything happening when the Eagles play in the Super Bowl.

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Eagles Super Bowl betting includes everything from cheesesteaks to the Rocky statue. / From left, photographs by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images, Jason Varney for Visit Philadelphia, and Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

Last year, Michael Bradley reported on the rise of sports betting in Philly, which is increasingly becoming an entry point for younger fans. The “game-ification” of sports, Bradley explained, comes not only from easy-to-use apps like DraftKings, but from the constant opportunities for live in-game betting. You can put money down not simply on who will win or lose a particular game but also on highly specific outcomes or multi-leg parlays, bets that require you to be correct on multiple predictions to earn a big payout.

So it’s no surprise that Super Bowl betting props include some random — and ridiculous — action. BetOnline reports a few we just had to share, particularly all the Philly-centric ones. (All odds reported are as of publishing time and subject to change.)

First up, no national sports broadcast involving a Philadelphia team is complete without B-roll of a cheesesteak being made or the Rocky statue. But what will be shown (or said) first? Bettors say neither: The most likely thing will be video of the Philly Special play from 2018, with around 60 percent probability (or, -150 in bet speak). Next most likely is Rocky, at 36 percent (+175), followed by cheesesteaks at 29 percent (+250).

Of course, one of the big storylines of this game is Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid facing off against his former team. One of the prop bets is which video or picture from Reid’s past will be shown. Him simply with the Eagles is the favorite, at -200 (67 percent). The underdog in the Reid-history showdown? Imagery from the Punt, Pass & Kick competition he participated in as a giant 13-year-old in 1971. That’s trading at +150 (40 percent).

A few other major storylines leading up to the Super Bowl involve Eagles center Jason Kelce. Not only is he playing versus his brother, Travis, star tight end for the Chiefs, but Jason’s wife will be 38 weeks pregnant, watching the game with her OB/GYN by her side at State Farm Stadium. This Kelce-family drama is ripe for plenty of bet-worthy scenarios. Will they lead the narrative by uttering the words “Kelce Bowl” or by showing a Kelce parent? The former is more likely, at 67 percent (-200).

Will Jason leave the game if his wife goes into labor? Bettors say no way, with 10-to-one odds against it (the line is +1000). When will the Kelce matriarch, Donna, first be shown on the broadcast? The leading contender is the first quarter, trading at +170 (37 percent), trailed only slightly by the fourth quarter at +175 (36 percent). I would personally bet on first quarter because there is no way Fox has that kind of patience.

Another Kelce-centric question: Will Jason Kelce retire if the Eagles win? That seems unlikely; it’s trading at 37 percent.

Moving on to Philly celebs! There are so many hometown heroes who are or could potentially be attending the big game. The most likely to be shown first? Bradley Cooper, trading at -140 (58 percent). The next most likely famous fans are Rob McElhenney (+200, or 33 percent), then Kevin Hart (+300, or 25 percent) and finally Pink, who is trading at +600 (14 percent).

Which former Eagle will be mentioned first? Contenders are Donovan McNabb, Nick Foles, Carson Wentz and Terrell Owens. And the winner is … Foles at 75 percent (-300). The least likely seems to be Wentz at +1000. We share that in common; I don’t want to talk about him, either.

The bets don’t stop there. There are contracts on everything from Rihanna’s eyeshadow color, to how long “brave” will be held during the National Anthem, to the number of “people with facial hair in [the] High Stakes Beer Ad.” You can check out all the random (and not-so-random) contracts here.