The One Philadelphia Bar Where Kansas City Chiefs Fans Are Safe

Plus, a brouhaha in Lower Merion schools over cultural "affinity groups" and a cute children's book.

Big Charlie's Saloon, a Kansas City Chiefs bar deep in Philadelphia Eagles territory

Big Charlie’s Saloon, a Kansas City Chiefs bar deep in Philadelphia Eagles territory in South Philly (Image via Google Maps)

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The One Local Bar Where Kansas City Chiefs Fans Are Safe Is Deep Inside Philadelphia Eagles Territory

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan looking to pick a fight on Super Bowl Sunday, I can think of no better place than Big Charlie’s Saloon in South Philadelphia. OK, don’t actually pick a fight with anybody. You need to save up your energy to mount flimsy SEPTA bus stop shelters and scale greased poles on Broad Street.

But for those who don’t know, Big Charlie’s Saloon is a Kansas City Chiefs bar in Philadelphia, and in South Philadelphia no less, pretty much a straight two-mile shot north of the stadium the Philadelphia Eagles call home.

A longtime bartender at Big Charlie’s Saloon had this to say to Fox 29 now that the Chiefs are facing the Eagles in the Super Bowl in ten days: “Now it’s like ‘You’re going down’ or screaming when you’re walking down the street because you got red, they are hollering at you, you are the enemy now.”

Here’s the full report from Fox 29:

But really, Eagles fans: Leave the Kansas City Chiefs fans alone!

Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em (While You Can)

New Jersey is pretty hardcore when it comes to smoking. While Philadelphia has a decent number of bars where you can still smoke (looking at you, McGlinchey’s) and the surrounding counties have many, many options, there’s not a single regular old bar in New Jersey where you can smoke. But the casinos in Atlantic City are a different story, with a loophole that allows smokers to puff away on 25 percent of the floor. But there’s a push to close that loophole, and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is all for it.

The Delco Recount Is (Finally) Over

Election Day was way, way back on November 8th, but that doesn’t mean the vote-counting ended in 2022.

In Delco, a small group of residents went to court to challenge the election results after Josh Shapiro won the vote for governor and John Fetterman the race for United States senator. And so, for the last couple of months, workers have been toiling away at a recount of votes in one Delco voting district.

Did they find a bunch of inaccuracies? Did they find some big conspiracy? No. According to a statement released yesterday by the Delaware County Bureau of Elections, they found absolutely nothing. No miscount.

“Everything was verified 100 percent,” said Delaware County Director of Elections James Allen. “Every single vote, every single contest, every single over vote, every single under vote, every single write-in.”

See You at Detention

Last year, some school districts in the region started installing surveillance cameras on school buses to catch drivers illegally passing buses. And catch them they have. So far, authorities have issued over 8,000 tickets for the infraction. Be better, people.

Speaking of Schools …

Parents Defending Education (that’s a conservative group dedicated to “reclaiming” schools “from activists promoting harmful agendas”) is going after the Lower Merion School District over the district’s affinity groups and other things PDE says are destroying our children.

If you don’t know what an affinity group is, it’s sort of a club for students that identify as part of the same ethnic or cultural group. For instance, my daughter (my wife was born in India) is part of an affinity group at her private school for students of Asian descent. Seriously harmful!

In their complaint to the United States Department of Education, Parents Promoting Bigotry — sorry, Parents Defending Education — also cites the district’s disgraceful use of the cute children’s book The Skin You Live In. You can read their complaint here.

Spring’s Not Coming Early

So says Punxsutawney Phil in what may be the dumbest Pennsylvania tradition there is. But at least the movie was good.

Political Movements

Want to see how much the various political candidates in Philadelphia have in their war chests for the upcoming May primaries? All of that financial data is available with some quick poking around on the city’s website. Short version: Real estate mogul Allan Domb has about five times more money in his campaign coffers than any other candidate.

And from the Well-That’s-More-Like-It Sports Desk …

Last night, it was the Sixers against the Magic and Markelle Fultz again. Starters: Joel, Tobias, P.J., James and De’Anthony. They weren’t exactly running away with it in the first, but then again, look what happened the last time they did. And they put together a 17-0 run at the close of the quarter.

And naturally the Magic started the second with a 12-2 run to answer. Yikes. And they had five turnovers. Well, Joel wasn’t in. Now he’s back, at 6:50.

Did I say “Fuck Mo Wagner” yet this game? Fuck Mo Wagner.

Meantime, back at Wells Fargo, it’s déjà vu all over again …

In the third, nature seemed to be healing.

Eh, not so much.

Then again …

Of course, Ben Simmons isn’t playing tonight. Something—or someone—is sore.

But I digress.

They were on a 13-2 run halfway through! Ten-point lead … and that’s a wrap!

In college hoops, the St. Joe’s Hawks made short work of Rhode Island.

Villanova was visiting 14th-ranked Marquette, and this one was, as they say, neck-and-neck.

In the end, alas, the Golden Eagles triumphed.

And George Washington came calling at La Salle.

Tonight, Charleston drops in at Drexel at 7 p.m.

The Flyers also play.

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