How to Spend $70,000 on a Pair of Eagles Super Bowl Tickets

Plus: Philly gets a second basilica. We're very walkable. And 11 degrees in the forecast? No thanks.

if you are super bowl bound as these signs suggest, here's what you need to know about Eagles Super Bowl tickets

If you are Super Bowl bound, as are the Philadelphia Eagles, here’s what you need to know about Eagles Super Bowl tickets. (Photo via Getty Images)

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How to Spend $70,000 on a Pair of Eagles Super Bowl Tickets

It happened. The Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC Championship. So that means that two Sundays from now, I’ll be meeting my friends at a local bar to watch the Eagles make mincemeat out of the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. But what if I wanted to actually go to the Super Bowl? Well, I’d have to start by getting Super Bowl tickets, right?

Sure, I could go hunting around on various third-party ticketing sites and hope I’m not getting scammed. Or, I could go with On Location, the luxury live experience company that the Eagles have teamed up with for Eagles Super Bowl tickets.

Had I won the Mega Millions, I would pick the best Eagles ticket package On Location has to offer: A pair of seats in the second row of Section 108 that come with a tailgating party, open bar and live entertainment. How much? Well, the two Super Bowl tickets come to a total of $59,502. But then you have to remember all those annoying “fees.”

It’s not exactly clear what the “service fee” listed in the shopping cart is for. But what is clear is that it comes to $10,710.36. Meaning a grand total of $70,212.36 for two Eagles Super Bowl tickets with lots of fun hospitality.

That’s not counting your hotel, meals, getting to and from the Super Bowl stadium in Glendale, Arizona, IV-drip therapy the next day for your hangover, etc., etc., etc.

Don’t worry: On Location has more affordable Eagles Super Bowl tickets available. They start at $9,945 for a pair plus $1,790.10 in fees, with limited hospitality.

Jealous Much?

The Empire State Building honored the Eagles by going green on Sunday night. And many New Yorkers aren’t too happy about it.

Bucks County’s Shame Goes National

The disgusting disappointment that is Bucks County caught the attention of NPR. Saturday’s Weekend Edition examined how the Central Bucks School District is stigmatizing LGBTQ students and how the U.S. Department of Education is investigating. Listen here.

We Love Lists, Especially When They Say Nice Things About Philly

A new report shows that Philadelphia is one of the most walkable cities in the nation. But slightly less walkable than Pittsburgh, which kind of makes us say hmmmmm. But hey, it’s the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Not the Steelers.

Because One Basilica Just Isn’t Enough

You’re probably familiar with Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, the only basilica in Philadelphia. Well, until recently. The Vatican just deemed a site in Germantown worthy of basilica status.

From an Archdiocese of Philadelphia announcement:

The Miraculous Medal Shrine, a Marian devotional destination and ministry of the Vincentians of the Eastern Province in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, has been elevated by the Vatican to Minor Basilica status. This designation is shared by only one other church in the City of Philadelphia, the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, and 91 others across the United States. The Shrine, along with the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception that houses it, are now known as the Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

The new designation followed an application process of multiple years and culminated in a decree issued by Pope Francis. The Shrine is now promoted as an exemplary site of liturgical and pastoral activity within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Minor Basilicas are given prominence among other churches and shrines, receive certain honorifics, and are tasked with special responsibilities.

If you want to see for yourself, the Miraculous Medal Shrine is at 500 East Chelten Avenue. It’s gorgeous.

Here Comes the Cold Again

Enjoy Monday’s 54-degree weather while you can. It’s about to feel like winter again. 11 degrees on Saturday?! No thanks. See the full forecast here.

My Recommendation of the Week: Yuja Wang

Superstar classical pianist Yuja Wang (a Curtis grad!) is doing a series of Rachmaninoff-centered shows with the Philadelphia Orchestra. The first two happened last week. Then she and the orchestra brought down the house at Carnegie Hall (read the New York Times review here). But you still have a chance.

yuja wang, who is performing with the philadelphia orchestra at the Kimmel Center this weekend

Yuja Wang, who is performing with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Kimmel Center this weekend (Photo courtesy Kimmel Center)

Wang and the orchestra return to the Kimmel Center this weekend for two shows. And they are not to be missed. Plus, there’s no football on, so … get your tickets.

And from the Glorious-Victorious Sports Desk …

What’s that you say, Philly? I said, WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY?!?!?


We love these guys!

You saw the rest of that yourselves. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

And we’ll be playing Andy Reid’s Chiefs. You have to love the couture.

Me, I was rassling grandkids through the whole game, but I saw enough to know what matters, which is that we won! On to the Sixers, who hosted the Nuggets on Saturday at 3 p.m. Joel the Troll had just been slapped for a little celebration:

Maybe that was why our guys got off to a slow, sloppy start.

In the second quarter, Georges Niang took offense when Shake Milton didn’t pass to him after a steal, and the two had to be separated at the bench. Great, great.

Denver went on a 19-8 run to end the half. Ugh.

But the third started out better!

Ooh, so fancy!

And they did!

The Magic come to town to face the Sixers tonight at seven.

In college hoops, Temple (14-9) traveled to UCF (13-8) at noon on Saturday and went into overtime again before pulling out a big win.

Temple has a rematch against Houston (19-2), a team that was standing at number one when the Owls beat them on January 22, this coming Sunday, at home.

Harvard (12-9) came to Penn (11-11) and lost big, but the result was a meaty scandal!

La Salle (8-13) kept it close at Rhode Island (8-13), but …

And Drexel (12-10) played Elon (3-19) and didn’t. Ooof.

On Sunday, Villanova (10-11) took on 23rd-ranked Providence (17-5) at the Wells Fargo Center. Parking was reportedly a nightmare. The Wildcats, with Justin Moore returning from his torn Achilles tendon, led for much of the game.

But couldn’t quite finish it off.

St. Joe’s (10-11) also played Sunday, at George Mason (12-10), and pulled out a game that went down to the wire.

The Flyers also played.

All Philly Today Sports Desk coverage is provided by Sandy Hingston.