The Gang Plays the Met: The Team Behind Always Sunny Is Coming to Philly for a Live Podcast Taping

The show’s three creators will bring their popular podcast to The Met on September 18th, and tickets go on sale this week.

Always Sunny co-creators and co-stars Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton filming the show in Philly back in 2016. They return to Philly this September for a live taping of their podcast. / Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

I woke up this morning to an Instagram post that made me question whether I was, in fact, still dreaming: Our deranged, furry friend Gritty getting cozy with Green Man (Charlie’s alter-ego/McPoyle-tailgate-coping-mechanism from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

Stay tuned, I did. I stayed extremely tuned, my mind filling with visions of kitten mittens and denim chicken. Was the Gang coming home at long last? While their FXX show takes place in Philly, they hadn’t actually been here to film since the show’s 12th season in 2016. I remember that week well, as I stalked them around town using social media clues and fellow fans. And I was handsomely rewarded, as Danny DeVito in all his depraved Frank Reynolds glory (actually, he was very sweet) came out of his trailer and posed for a picture with me and my toddler.

A baby-book entry that makes “first steps” look like garbage.

Anyway, they haven’t been back here to produce anything Sunny-related since, so when The Met offered a glimmer of hope, I wondered if perhaps it would be a stage show in the vein of 2009’s The Nightman Cometh, when the cast recreated Charlie’s delightfully unhinged musical for fans at Upper Darby’s Tower Theater.

Well, Sunny fans, get ready because the show’s co-creators Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Philly’s own Rob McElhenney are coming to The Met on September 18th to do a live taping of their podcast.

“We’re really excited to take this show on the road, and bring the Podcast to … the iconic Met Philadelphia,” said Howerton. “There’s nothing we enjoy more than being in the same room as all the amazing Sunny fans out there!”

Appropriately called The Always Sunny Podcast, the weekly installments are ostensibly about each episode of the TV series — sort of like a recap with the creators’ memories of writing and filming it — but always devolve into musings on everything from parking woes to tales of picking fights in the drive-thru while your kids sing showtunes in the backseat. In just a few months of broadcasting, the podcast has developed inside jokes (“cut that cut that cut that”), a cult following all of its own (though the podcast fanbase is likely a subset of the TV show’s broader fanbase), and the same manic chemistry their TV counterparts have.

Tickets for the live podcast taping go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. on The Met’s website. It’s unclear how much tickets will cost, or whether the live podcast will take the same format as their usual ones or include fan interactions, but stay tuned for more details as they become available.