Philly Health Department Writes Excuse Note for Jen, Nurses Dance to Ciara, and More Good News From This Week

Your weekly round up of good news — because it can’t all be bad news.

screenshot of an excuse note that the philadelphia health department wrote for jen to give her mom during the philadelphia coronavirus crisis

Check out screenshot of the excuse note that the Philadelphia Public Health Department wrote for Jen to give to Jen’s mom during the Philadelphia coronavirus crisis, and below, watch the video of the Philadelphia nurses’ dance to Ciara. (Via Twitter)

There’s been plenty of bad news in Philly (and everywhere) this week, thanks to the coronavirus. So we wanted to look around and see if there were any glimmers of hope. If you see some for yourself or have some good news to share in all of this, shoot us an email.

Philly Health Department Writes an Excuse Note to Jen’s Mom for Jen Not Visiting

The Philadelphia Health Department is pretty busy these days, what with the coronavirus outbreak and all. But somehow, the department still manages to muster up a sense of humor and some tenderness via its Twitter account.

Like many of us, Philly resident Jen Leary has a parent who wants her to visit, and she can’t. So Jen took to Twitter and tagged the health department. And the health department replied with this excuse note for Jen to show her mom:

Jefferson Nurses Dance to Ciara’s “Level Up” on the Rooftop

Nurses have a stressful job when there’s no coronavirus afoot. We can’t imagine their stress levels now. It’s good that these nurses at Jefferson found a way to let off some steam. Enjoy this video of them dancing on the rooftop to Ciara’s “Level Up,” which the singer herself shared on her Instagram.

Yannick and the Philadelphia Orchestra Play Musical Tag with Beethoven

Who knows when Yannick Nézet-Séguin and the Philadelphia Orchestra will be able to play under the same roof together again? For now, enjoy them playing musical tag with a little Ludwig van.

The Coronavirus Will Not Stop the Easter Bunny from Visiting the Philly Suburbs

Obviously, the main question we had this week was whether the Easter bunny would still hop around delivering joy to children around the region … right? Well, we now have our answer. Thank God for small miracles.

If you get any extra Cadbury Creme Eggs, disinfect the packaging and send them our way, please.

Mayor Kenney Gets Inspirational During the Coronavirus

If you haven’t read Mayor Kenney’s inspirational open letter to all Philadelphians, you should really do so now.

OK, that’s it for this week. Be safe out there!