The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Oh, WIP Callers, Don’t Ever Change

It’s important to have one’s priorities in order!

We don’t listen to a lot of sports-talk radio. That’s because most of sports-talk radio is guys talking to other guys about guys, and, frankly, we hear enough guys talking most days. Besides, we think a lot of the fun of sports gets sucked out by troglodytic hosts who’ve been being paid to bloviate since 1963. (Hi, Angelo!) Not to mention that the hosts and callers are busy critiquing dudes whose athletic prowess is light-years beyond what theirs ever was, but that doesn’t stop them from being all, like, “Unlike Agholor …” You know?

Still. Sports-talk radio does have its moments, and one of them came on Monday morning in the wake of the Eagles’ extremely tenuous and supremely boring win over the Chicago Bears. Here’s how it was captured and preserved forever via a tweet from longtime local sports twitterer Mike Meech:

The tweet is golden enough, but the comments may be even better:

Okay, guys. Now run along and amuse yourselves some more.