SEPTA Key Will Expand to All Regional Rail Zones Next Month

For weekly and monthly TrailPass holders, that is.

regional rail SEPTA key

Regional Rail SEPTA Key use will roll out to all zones soon.

SEPTA Key has been “rolling out” for what seems like ages now. While it’s become second nature for most Philadelphians to swipe the green debit card for subway, bus, and trolley rides, it’s not really the go-to payment method for Regional Rail … yet.

Starting next month, SEPTA Key will (finally!) become available in all Regional Rail zones for weekly and monthly TrailPass users. The payment option debuted to Zone 3 and 4 riders last fall. Now it will soon become an option for Zones 1 and 2 (which include stations closer to Philly).

You’ll be able to purchase Key Cards loaded with monthly Zone 1 and 2 TrailPasses starting on April 20th. They can be used for travel beginning on May 1st. Weekly Zone 1 and 2 TrailPasses beginning the week of May 6th can be purchased on and after May 1st.

Zone 1 and 2 customers can buy passes at four Center City Regional Rail sales locations: Temple, Jefferson, Suburban Station, and 30th Street. Starting on Monday, April 22nd, the SEPTA Key mobile fare kiosk truck will visit select stations, with SEPTA employees on site to answer questions and help people register new Key Cards. Here’s info on when and where the kiosks will be set up:

Worth noting: You still won’t be able to use SEPTA Key for quick one-way or round-trip journeys. Travel Wallet, which allows you to add funds to the card to be used for single rides, won’t be available on SEPTA Key Cards during this rollout phase. We’ll have to keep waiting for that — and using existing fare (magnetic stripe passes and paper tickets) in the meantime.

After all, progress moves slowly when it comes to SEPTA. It took the transportation organization half a decade to get Google Maps on board with displaying its transit lines (which just started happening). But at least the agency has a fancy new website. (That’s not sarcasm — its new website is actually wonderful.)

FYI, you can register your Key Card at to protect your pre-paid fare if you card is ever lost or stolen.