See Ya, Summer: Philly Public Pools Are Closing for the Season

We know, it feels early (we still have a month left of summer!) — but here’s where you can take one last dip.

public pools francisville

Francisville Playground is home to one of the city’s 70 public pools. | Photo Credit: Group Melvin Design and Sikora Wells Appel

Summer is (officially) sticking around for another month or so, but as far as the city is concerned, our pool days are just about over.

All Philadelphia public pools will close for the season by the end of the day on Friday — in fact, some began closing as early as August 9th. (Those two months they were open really flew by.)

As of Monday, 17 public pools remain open, but they will shut down throughout this week.

Now’s your chance for one last dip, Philly. After Friday, you’ll have to find another way to stay cool (or somewhere you can mooch some A.C.).

Here’s the Philadelphia public pools closing schedule.

Monday, August 20th

Tuesday, August 21st

Wednesday, August 22nd

Thursday, August 23rd

Friday, August 24th

Already Closed