WATCH: Kenney Reads “Mean Tweets” for His 60th Birthday

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Image via the Mayor’s Office

Mayor Jim Kenney turned the big 6-0 on Tuesday, and to celebrate, he read some of what Philadelphians have to say about him on Twitter (once again[1]).

It’s Kenney’s second “Mean Tweets” birthday edition (his first was in 2016[2]). This year, Kenney is a little older, and the messages are even more ruthless. Our favorites? “Shut up taxy mc taxy,” and “I wish the absolute worst for @PhillyMayor in every aspect of his life. ROT IN HELL.”

Kenney’s responses to some of the tweets were pretty good (if corny): To “Oh yeah @PhillyMayor is still trash,” the mayor said, “One man’s trash is another man’s dumpster pool. Even though they’re not licensed.”

To “@PhillyMayor you’re no Irishman,” Kenney responded, “I know. I was born in Philadelphia in the United States. No one born in America can be an Irishman.”

And to “Are you retiring?”, Kenney gave a thumbs up and grinned, “2024!”

(That means Kenney could still be sharing a “Mean Tweets” birthday edition when he’s 66. We just wonder if he’ll go back to tweeting things like[3] “so sad sometimes[4]” and “Someone put LSD in my turkey burger[5]” when he’s no longer the mayor.)

Here’s the video:

While some Philadelphians really enjoyed it …

Happy Birthday @PhillyMayor[6]!!!!!🎉 #ServingFreedom[7][8]

— Philly Freedoms (@PhillyFreedoms) August 7, 2018[9]

Others kept up the mean tweets.

What kind of Mayor posts on Twitter saying it's his birthday??? Step down Kenney you're a disgrace to Philly.

— PhillyKBeast (@ThePhillyKBeast) August 7, 2018[10]

And you don’t act a day over 10. Happy birthday Jimmy.
Now quit pouting and apologize to Mr. Trump for your slanderous words.

— PK Harding (@pk_harding) August 7, 2018[11]

Maybe you can celebrate with the social misfits outside your office perfect match #billyformayor[12]

— Ralph L (@RalphLaino) August 7, 2018[13]

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