Trump and the Eagles: What Philly Is Saying

Some Philadelphians are standing behind the president’s stunt, but more seemed relieved that a contentious White House visit has been called off.

Donald Trump and Malcolm Jenkins. (Images via Wikimedia Commons and Jeff Fusco).

Donald Trump owes me 50 bucks.

With bus tickets purchased, I was all set to head down to D.C. today to bring you good folks live coverage of the Eagles’ visit to the White House. That, of course, was all before our president decided he’d rather pull the plug at the last minute than bear the embarrassment of a light showing. (Fewer than 10 players were reportedly confirmed to attend the ceremony honoring the Super Bowl champions.)

While Trump and company undoubtedly believed that this tantrum was the best course to save face, those of us with rational minds can’t ignore the truth – the Commander in Chief is a fragile egomaniac with a flair for fascism and forced patriotism. You can thank his warped views on the meaning of duty, honor, and country for that.

Anyone can make a statement and paint with broad strokes; it takes a lot more to back up our own assertions with context and understanding. That’s the foundation of the truth, and the truth is this debate has never been about the anthem or supporting the military. If you still think it is, you’re not paying close enough attention.

Don’t let the president’s dog-and-pony show today fool you – Trump would spit on the flag if it made him an extra buck. He doesn’t stick to his guns when his beliefs are called into question, likely because he has no cogent explanation for why he thinks the way that he does. If he did, he’d still have those Eagles over no matter how few were willing to show. Instead, Trump has chosen to shroud himself from humiliation in a blanket of red, white, and blue.

Tell me what’s worse: Raising a fist during the National Anthem to protest inequality or hiding behind the stars and stripes as a means to prove your own self-worth?

Here are some other thoughts on Trump’s decision to cancel from notable Philadelphians and fans alike: