The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Mayor Kenney’s State Store Stand

Let's make buying marijuana as much of a pain in the ass as buying booze!

Most people in Pennsylvania think the state should get rid of the state store system altogether. Mayor Jim Kenney disagrees. On Wednesday, at the Cannabis Learn Conference and Expo, he renewed his 2015 suggestion that marijuana be legalized and offered for sale at state stores. “Legalization of recreational marijuana is something the state needs to do,” Kenney declared. “New Jersey is poised to do it. Our people will be driving across the bridges and buying recreational marijuana in the state of New Jersey and the state of Delaware.” Because that’s what Pennsylvanians do to buy liquor—because the state store system is so bloated and corrupt and inconvenient and antiquated, even after the tweaking-around-the-edges from the legislature back in 2016. So yeah, what a great idea—let’s take some progressive policy and hitch it to a failed distribution system that citizens despise and regularly circumvent! It’s absolutely brilliant! Let’s make this happen, guys!