PHOTOS: Eagles Fans Take Over Minneapolis Ahead of the Super Bowl

Minneapolis is getting a heavy dose of Philly pride — despite some boos, denied restaurant reservations, and truly terrible cheesesteaks.

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L: Photo via Victor Bermudez, R: Photo via James Perovich/

T minus FIVE days until the Super Bowl.

You witnessed craziness in Philly when the Eagles pummeled the Minnesota Vikings on the 19th. Now you’re probably wondering what the scene is like in Minneapolis, where the Birds will square off against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

We’ve compiled a roundup of Philadelphians in Minneapolis, bless their hearts. They’re enduring their fair share of boos and apparently having some trouble getting restaurant reservations. But hey, that’s probably not half as bad as what we put Vikings fans through during the NFC championship game, right? And we hear some folks in Minneapolis really are pretty nice.

To kick things off, here’s footage of the Eagles making their first touchdown in the Twin Cities:

And here’s what some Eagles players have to say about the city. Spoiler alert: it’s really salty – and not just because of the icy weather.

As mentioned, Philadelphians aren’t getting the warmest of welcomes. That’s obvious in the sign for this “bar,” which, evidentially, is not even a real bar.

And some other minor issues:

Including boos.

Though apparently not everyone is bitter.

Most Eagles fans, in fact, can’t be stopped. There’s plenty of Philly pride in Minneapolis.

Including from Eagles themselves.

And some Philadelphians are thoroughly enjoying Minneapolis as a city.

Despite the cold.

And the city’s lame excuses for cheesesteaks.