Philanthropy: The How (and Why) of Giving in Philadelphia

From left: The Food Trust, Neighborhood Bike Works, Hopeworks N’ Camden. Photography by Neal Santos

Edited by Brian Howard

32 Ways to Be Good in Philly

With so many great nonprofits doing amazing work in the region, where should your dollars go? Here, a few of our favorite causes. Read more »

Only You Can Fix Philly’s Philanthropy Crisis

Foundations have left. Religious giving is in the tank. We’re now, somehow, among the least generous metros in America. Philadelphia, it’s time to step up. Read more »

Philanthropy in Philly: The Decade’s 10 Largest Gifts

The decade’s 10 biggest gifts from Philadelphians to Philadelphia. Read more »

Giving 101: How Do I Know Where My Money is Going?

Your philanthropy questions, answered. Read more »

Published as “32 Ways to Be Good” in the December 2017 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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