Carson Wentz’s Response to Vegas: “The World Needs Jesus In a Bad Way”

The Eagles’ Bible-thumping QB got roasted on Twitter for his remarks.

Carson Wentz. (Jeff Fusco)

By now, we’re all well aware that Carson Wentz is a Bible-thumper that jams out to Christian rock when he’s not throwing spirals in South Philadelphia. The second-year Eagles QB is heavily involved in outreach efforts, often wears shirts with religious connotations to press conferences (along with Jesus sandals), and regularly posts Scripture verses to his social media channels.

Wentz is a humble enough guy, and he’s insisted in the past that he’s not one for shoving religion down the throats of his teammates or fans despite his strong Christian beliefs. While weighing in on the national tragedy that occurred last night in Las Vegas, Carson invoked Jesus in a tweet that set off both nonbelievers and those who wished he instead used his platform to stump for stricter gun control.

While there were many followers who also supported Wentz’s message, maybe Carson should take his own words a little more to heart in order to avoid controversy next time around.

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