GrubHub: Penn Students Are Our Healthiest Consumers

Thomas Jefferson University also eats well, according to the food delivery app.

A survey conducted by mobile food delivery app GrubHub found that students attending the University of Pennsylvania place 108 percent more orders for healthy food options than any other school in the country, the Inquirer reported.

GrubHub’s analysis studied orders placed from all accounts with a .edu email address from the fall 2016 semester and spring 2017 semester. Penn topped the list of health-conscious universities, edging out Rollins College in Florida. Two other local schools, Thomas Jefferson University and Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, placed 19th and 16th, respectively.

Penn also came in at No. 10 for vegetarian and vegan orders (beating both Yale and Harvard) and seventh on the list of most caffeinated universities.

I don’t know about you, but healthy food is never the move when I’m ordering from GrubHub. Typically I end up with some gargantuan barbecue plate or some other greasy option that will undoubtedly leave me regretting my choice and feeling like a fat slob afterward.

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