Pa. Driver Snags “COVFEFE” License Plate

But if you're still feeling inspired by the president's Twitter typo, "COVF3F3" was still available as of Monday afternoon.


Image via PennDOT

Remember President Donald Trump’s golden Twitter typo, “covfefe?”

Of course you do. As does the Pennsylvania driver who filed paperwork to reserve a “COVFEFE” vanity license plate, much like this man from California. 

A quick look at the state’s “Personalized Registration Plate Availability” tool confirms that “COVFEFE” is no longer available. Craig Yetter, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, told PhillyVoice that someone has submitted paperwork requesting the license plate, though he couldn’t detail when the paperwork was processed or what county the driver is registered in.

CNN reported last week that drivers in at least 21 states have filed paperwork to reserve “COVFEFE” vanity plates. Apparently one man in South Carolina bought the license plate in support of Trump – but we get the impression that most people are just trolling the president, much like the Philadelphia Police Department did:

In Pennsylvania, purchasing a vanity plate can be a lengthy, form-filled process – but here’s how to do it if you want to. (You could swap the E’s for threes for a similar plate – COVF3F3. That option was still available as of Monday afternoon.)

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