Report: “Anarchists” Vandalize Cars, Apartments in South Kensington

A sign reading "Gentrification is death, Revolt is Life" was discovered at the scene of the incident.

About 30 people vandalized a number of luxury cars and newly-constructed apartment buildings in South Kensington last night, according to NBC10.

Police reportedly described the vandals as “anarchists.” About 20 cars and several buildings were damaged near the intersection of 2nd and Jefferson streets.

Windows were smashed and paint was splattered across the outside of apartments. A banner discovered at the scene of the incident read “Gentrification is death, Revolt is Life.” 

NBC10 reports that a 28-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man – both of whom were reportedly carrying spray paint and masks – were arrested and are currently in custody.

South Kensington (or Old Kensington, depending who you ask) neighbors both Fishtown and Northern Liberties and has seen a significant uptick in development over the last few years, with a year-over-year median home sales price growth of nearly 52 percent, according to a Redfin ranking released last year.

Amerlynn Kabana, a property manager of one of the damaged buildings, told NBC10 that the vandals “left us some messages that said that they weren’t happy with our gentrification, and they weren’t happy with us building … They only attacked the Mercedes, the BMWs, the higher-end cars. Their message was pretty clear.”

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