The Eagles Drafted a Snake Guy

New to the Nest, wide receiver Mack Hollins is heading up I-95 — and his reptiles are coming with him.

Eagles fourth-round pick Mack Hollins has a major thing for reptiles. The 6’4″ wide receiver keeps two large snakes for pets, and once he even tried to convince his college roommates that an alligator was a necessary addition to their abode.

According to CSN Philly, Hollins told local reporters on a conference call Saturday that he’s driving to Philly from his hometown of Rockville, Maryland, and his slithering serpents are riding shotgun.

“It’s nothing but an hour drive,” Hollins said. “I’ll put them in a car and load them up. I might come with nothing but the snakes.”

Not sure how much more room there’d be in the car for other essentials with those snakes in there. ESPN reported that Hollins’s ball python is 4.5 feet long and his albino sun glow boa can grow up to 10 feet. Yikes.

If we were talking about a couple of dogs here, we’d all find this endearing. But there’s just something about owning big snakes that gives us a bit of the chills.

Hollins’s bio at the University of North Carolina says that his dream job is to one day own a “world-renowned aquarium” (you gotta sell tickets Field of Dreams style, right?) and he reportedly wants to open a fish and exotic reptile store after he retires from the NFL.

Hey, Mack — when you’re through catching touchdown passes from Carson, we have just the location for you to set up shop.

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