Could Philly GOP Leader Joe DeFelice Resign for a Trump Administration Job?

That's the rumor.

Joe DeFelice Donald Trump

L: Joe DeFelice (photo via DeFelice’s Facebook), left, and Donald Trump (photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Joe DeFelice, leader of Philadelphia’s Republican Party, has long been a staunch defender of President Donald Trump.

He was never a Never Trumper. He’s gone to the mat for Trump over many of his controversial decisions, like hiring strategist Steve Bannon and directing his children to manage his assets.

DeFelice also helped turn out the vote for Trump in Philadelphia. The Republican outperformed Mitt Romney and won a minimum of 25,000 votes from independents and Democrats in the city, according to an analysis by the City Commissioners’ office.

That all might pay off soon: Clout reports that DeFelice may step down as chairman of the Republican City Committee to take a position in the Trump administration. DeFelice did not respond to an immediate request for comment. Albert Eisenberg, the local GOP’s communications director, declined comment.

What will happen to the city’s Republicans if DeFelice bails?

Clout points out that it could “reopen … some old wounds.”

A few years ago, a civil war rocked the city party when members known as the “Loyal Opposition” tried to take control from the old guard, which was accused of not running competitive campaigns and being happy to take crumbs from the Democratic Party instead. Mike Cibik, vice chairman of the Republican City Committee and a former leader of the Loyal Opposition, says he would run for DeFelice’s position. Joe McColgan, a former Congressional candidate and brother-in-law of state GOP leader Val DiGiorgio, would also campaign for the spot.

DeFelice became chairman of the city’s Republican Party last year. He was previously its executive director.

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