Carson Wentz Killed a Big Bunch of Birds

But don’t worry: They’re a nuisance in Arkansas, and hunters are allowed to kill as many as they want.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is a hunter. He says he fell in love with it in college, and even went hunting with Mike Trout over Christmas vacation.

It’s pretty adorable when he talks about it: “Hunting is a good release, good way to get away from the game and just decompress, even it’s just for a couple hours. I’ve always enjoyed it. I’ve got a three-year-old golden retriever that I’ve raised. She hunts with me too. She loves it.”

Anyway, as you can see above in the video Wentz posted to Twitter, he went hunting recently and shot … a lot of birds.

As The 700 Level noted, in Arkansas the snow goose has become so much of a nuisance there is no limit as to how many hunters can bag.

“Biologists can conduct eradication efforts to balance the population, but do so only as a last resort,” the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission reports. “Increased hunting opportunity is the first wildlife management tool biologists turn to, because it costs very little to implement and is much more socially accepted than other population control measures.”

You see that? Carson Wentz killed a bunch of birds, but he was doing it for the planet. Now just get this guy some receivers and we’ll be set.