WATCH: Hot Air Balloon From the Suburbs Lands in Kensington

The balloon, traveling all the way from Glenmoore, descended out of the clouds and into a baseball field during an emergency landing.

Many Kensington residents were likely wondering what the hell was happening when a hot air balloon carrying four people descended from the clouds into a neighborhood baseball field on Wednesday evening.

The balloon had journeyed all the way from Glenmoore, Chester County, only to be caught in 60-mile-per-hour winds above the city, according to CBS.

6ABC caught it on camera.

Pilot H.M. Steiger made the emergency landing around 4:30 p.m. at a field near C and Westmoreland streets, where at least 100 children promptly flocked to the balloon, chief Inspector Scott Small told CBS.

No one was injured. Steiger told reporters that the landing went as smoothly as it could have gone. Some witnesses apparently rushed the balloon because they thought it was on fire, but pilot trainees on board explained that everything was fine, CBS reports.

According to the Inquirer, both Philadelphia police and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating.

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