Scenes From Donald Trump’s Election-Eve Rally in Scranton

The Republican presidential hopeful filled a college basketball stadium Monday night in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Photo by Mel Evans/AP

Photo by Mel Evans/AP

As Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, their families, Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi rallied in Philadelphia last night, Donald Trump stirred a crowd of his own in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Republican presidential hopeful filled the stadium at Lackawanna College to capacity at 4,500 people, according to conservative news website Brietbart. Trump told the cheering audience that he thinks he’s going to win Pennsylvania — and the country.

“I think we’re going to blow it out tomorrow,” he said, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Trump made his usual pitch to the crowd: promises to build a wall and stop illegal immigrants, expand the military, bring back jobs, and execute the “biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan,” according to the Inquirer. He reportedly spoke for less than an hour before making several other campaign stops, including in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Breitbart detailed the “only scuffle” of the rally:

The only scuffle came among journalists in the media pen, as there was a fight for camera space on the riser. As the conflict drew wider attention, the crowd began chanting: “CNN sucks!” (CNN was not apparently involved in the altercation.)

Trump rally attendees posted to social media from the basketball gym last night:

No thanks. #airplanemessages #apparentlythisisathing #election2016 #scranton

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