This Pa. Mayor’s Facebook is a Cesspool of Offensive, Racist Content

West York Mayor Charles Wasko is facing pressure to resign over his bigoted Facebook posts.

West York Mayor Charles Wasko is facing pressure from the community to resign because of his overtly racist Facebook posts.

The posts reference Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Colin Kaepernick, Islam, the Holocaust and much, much more. It’s like the man scrolls through Facebook reposting offensive memes literally all day long, because there’s no shortage of his abhorrent content all over his page.

West York Borough Council members told PennLive they’ve repeatedly asked Wasko to resign over the content, but he hasn’t. One councilman, Brian Wilson, said that he asked the mayor to “maybe remove it as it was not in good taste.” Instead, Wasko blocked him.

The West York Borough Council will vote on whether or not to censure Wasko, who helps oversee the town’s police department, on October 6th, according to PennLive. A call to the borough’s office went unanswered as of Thursday afternoon.

The council’s president, Shawn Mauck, told PennLive that he finds the posts “absolutely deplorable.”

“It makes you sick,” Mauck told the news outlet. “There’s no good excuse for his actions or behavior.”

Mauck also told PennLive that council members will be doing community outreach to assure the public that the town does not condone Wasko’s posts.

Some of the posts are below, but be warned: they’re ugly.

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