Chef No Longer at Restaurant School After Controversial Facebook Posts

That didn't take long.

Chef Nicolas Dandelias in his Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College photo.

Chef Nicolas Dandelias in his Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College photo.

On Tuesday afternoon, we told you about Philadelphia chef and Restaurant School teacher Nicolas Dandelias, whose Facebook page contained some troubling statements about women and immigrants as well as a racial slur. Well, within a matter of hours, we’ve learned that Dandelias is no longer employed by the Restaurant School.

“We have just learned about the postings that Mr. Dandelias placed on his personal Facebook page,” Restaurant School marketing director Valery Snisarenko wrote in an email to Philly Mag. “We are shocked and would never condone such statements. He is no longer employed at the College.”

He also appears to be gone from Facebook. The chef’s Facebook page was still visible on Tuesday morning, but as of Tuesday afternoon, his page was inaccessible.

Dandelias has yet to return a call seeking comment.


The chef sent the following email to Philly Mag after this article was published:

To all those affected,

I am writing this letter to apologize. I realize that some of my posts were offensive to many and I can understand why. These posts were taken out of context and not meant to offend. The post was about a close friend of mine and she was aware and understood the joking nature; however, I see how others could offended.

I have worked professionally with women my entire career and have learned most from them. I have the upmost respect for women especially those in the culinary field. I have taught hundreds of women who I believe understand my true intentions and I have impacted positively.

The people who are shaming and defaming me all have failed to mention (due to the fact they do not know me) the weeks in summers I spend teaching young girls of all races to cook. The weeks I spent teaching underprivileged kids from children’s hospital. They also immediately began to shame me without asking those who I have taught if they see these “sexist” tendencies in me.

Again, I would like to say sorry to anyone I offended and thank you to those who have sent me kind words and well wishes.


Nicolas Dandelias

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