If Your Car Was Towed During Philly Free Streets, You’re Getting a Refund

More than 100 vehicles were towed Saturday. Some complained they didn't receive enough warning.

istockphoto.com | Slobo

istockphoto.com | Slobo

Because Philly Free Streets doesn’t need another reason to be seen as slightly disappointing, the city will cancel all tickets issued to drivers who had their cars towed as a result of the event this past Saturday.

More than 100 cars were relocated overnight, when the city shut down 10 miles of roadway for pedestrians, bikers, strollers and anyone else looking to cruise the carless streets. Many drivers said they were unaware of the no-parking measures posted on Thursday and Friday night, largely around South Street, where the event was held.

“Due to a miscommunication, some cars parked along the event route were ticketed and towed rather than simply relocated,” city spokesman Mike Dunn said in a statement. “This error will be fixed: All tickets will be cancelled; anyone who already paid a towing charge to retrieve their car will have that payment refunded; and anyone who has not yet retrieved their car can do so without having to pay.”

Some residents complained that their cars were towed without enough warning, according to the Inquirer, despite the fact that the parking restrictions were posted on the Philly Free Streets event webpage. Fliers were also placed in the area surrounding the event, and the Streets Department made robocalls to nearby residents before the event.

Either way, all tickets will be rescinded by the city. Those who still haven’t retrieved their car from the Parking Authority lot at 2501 S. Weccacoe Ave. can reach the lot at 215-683-9550.

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