You Can Now Run a Busted Red Light in Pennsylvania

Now you can't be arrested for doing that thing you were already doing when the light won't change.

Yellow New York traffic light on red, with black and white background - colour pop

On Wednesday, Gov. Tom Wolf signed a bill that will allow drivers to blow red lights if they seem to be malfunctioning and won’t change to green, the Associated Press reports.

Early advocacy for the law began with motorcyclists, whose vehicles sometimes aren’t heavy enough to trip sensors that tell lights to change, according to the report. The bill authorizing the change was sponsored by State Rep. Stephen Bloom of Cumberland County.

The motorcyclists’ advocacy group Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education told Penn Live that it has been trying to get a “Ride on Red” law passed for 20 years.

According to the bill, vehicles can treat a red light or an unlit traffic light like they would a stop sign “if a traffic-control signal is out of operation or is not functioning properly.”

As always, keep an eye out for bikers and pedestrians.

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