Pets: The Urban Dog Owners’ Guide to Philadelphia

The best dog parks, pooch-friendly restaurants, pup-walkers and more.

A dog walker at Mario Lanza Park | Photography by Christopher Leaman

A dog walker at Mario Lanza Park | Photography by Christopher Leaman

We’re not exactly sure when it happened. First your neighbor got a puppy, then you thought about adopting a rescue. You’ve seen them in the park, on the sidewalks, and eventually in your favorite restaurant. You’ve stopped to pet them. You’ve stepped in their business. With roughly one canine for every four people in the city, there’s no denying it — Philadelphia is officially dog-crazy. It might seem tough to care for anything bigger than a shih tzu in a town that’s among the nation’s worst for yard space. But take a walk through any neighborhood or open your window, and you’ll see and hear proof that Philly is practically overrun by pooches. So whether you’re a proud (perhaps obsessive) owner, thinking of joining the club, or just fascinated by our growing canine culture, you’ll love this guide to the Philly dog experience — fun, fresh activities, the best parks and essential services, etiquette advice to keep your dog (and its owner) from infuriating everyone around you, and more. (Tip number one: Always watch where you’re walking.)

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