Philly Police Will Travel in Pairs Following Dallas Shooting

Police Commissioner Richard Ross spoke to reporters outside police headquarters this morning.

Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford told NewsWorks today that all police officers would be traveling in two-person vehicles following the deadly sniper shootings in Dallas last night, which ended with the death of five police officers. Officers said they aren’t sure how long the precaution will continue.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross spoke to reporters about the Dallas shooting outside police headquarters this morning.

“You watch in horror,” Ross said, according to NBC10. “It’s absolutely horrible and tragic, and your heart goes out to, obviously, that entire city, that department, but [also] the men and women who wear the uniform across this nation.”

The shooting in Dallas occurred shortly before 9 p.m. last night during a Black Lives Matter protest following two incidents this week in which police shot and killed two black men in Minnesota  and Louisiana.

One shooter suspect was killed last night by Dallas police using a robot-controlled bomb, and three other people are in custody, according to the New York Times.

At least five Dallas police officers were killed and seven were wounded. It was one of the deadliest ambushes on police officers in the nation.

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