Michael B. Jordan Wears Kobe Bryant’s Lower Merion High School Uniform in Hilarious New Apple TV Ad

With Bryant's epic NBA career coming to a close, Jordan and Apple have some fun with the future Hall of Famer.


A long, long time ago, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant rose to prominence at Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pa. After his senior year, Bryant rejected a collegiate basketball career and entered the 1996 NBA draft. After Bryant was selected with the 13th pick, a draft-day trade with Charlotte landed him with the Lakers, and the rest is history.

Well, almost.

Bryant has two more games left in his professional career, which culminates at the Staples Center in L.A. Wednesday against the Jazz.

Seizing the opportunity, Apple released a 60-second ad for its Apple TV with Bryant and Creed star Michael B. Jordan, who’s preparing to portray the aging hoops star in a fictional (for now) Bryant bio-pic.


Bryant, however, is under the impression that Jordan will be portraying “young Kobe” — the injury-free, “cold-blooded assassin” of yesteryear, as Bryant describes himself. Jordan, who is donning Bryant’s white and maroon high school uniform from Lower Merion, offers that his character is “locked in a battle with Father Time.”

“There’s no decline, it’s all ascension,” Bryant objects.

“Oh, they didn’t tell you?” Jordan says. “I’m playing you all the way through now. I mean with makeup and prosthetics and stuff like that.” He proceeds to tell the Apple TV to pull up The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, fast forwards with his voice, and freezes the screen on Brad Pitt as a withered old man.

“Now that’s the guy I’m playing in this movie,” Jordan says.

“Get out of my trailer,” Bryant responds.

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