Jim Gardner Barely Looks Any Different 31 Years Later

Action News has moved to HD, and Jim Gardner's mustache is a different color. That’s about the only difference.

Jim Gardner - 1985 vs. 2016

Jim Gardner is a Philadelphia treasure. And he’s been giving us the news on Channel 6 for a long time.

Monday morning, @Smoltownphilly on Twitter alerted me to this 13-minute video on YouTube. It’s a clip of Action News’ coverage following Villanova’s 1985 championship.

Villanova won the national title this year, too. And the one constant in news coverage of those two title victories: Jim Gardner. He’s been at WPVI since June 1, 1976, and has been the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. anchor since May 11th, 1977. A lot of things are different since then, but Jim Gardner remains constant.

And look how great he looks! Jim Gardner barely looks any different 31 years later. When I posted these screenshots last night on Twitter, some people commented he actually looks younger today. Other comments included Jim Gardner the GOAT, Jim Gardner is an icon and he’s the best in the biz.

Jim Gardner himself weighed in, too.

In 31 years, Gardner will be 98. If he’s still anchoring then, I won’t really be surprised.

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