Officer Injured, Chester Mayor Pleads for Calm After Shootout

Crowd grew angry after one suspect killed, another wounded in Saturday's confrontation.

Chester’s mayor pleaded for calm after a police-involved shooting attracted an angry crowd on Saturday.

CBS3 reports the Saturday shootout left one suspect dead and a police captain wounded. Police said officers trying to stop a vehicle were fired upon; they returned fire, killing one and wounding another suspect. In the aftermath, police say a gathering crowd threw bottles and bricks at officers, who responded with pepper spray.

AP reports Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland pleaded for calm. “We’re asking the Chester community once again to practice restraint, practice patience and understanding,” he said. He added that an investigation would show “we are being transparent, we are being honest, we are being clear.”

The wounded police captain, Alan Davis, was in serious but stable condition, the Inquirer reports. The 25-year veteran was shot in the lower back and arm.