Kids Are Mummifying Chickens at Main Line School

Like actual chickens. It takes 70 days.

Students making chicken mummies. (Photo via Facebook)

Students making chicken mummies. (Photo via Facebook)

It will cost you $21,000 to send your fifth grader to the Haverford Friends School, but when you take into consideration the fact that she’ll be mummifying chickens, it seems a whole lot less outrageous.

Why on earth would fifth graders be mummifying chickens, you ask? Good question. They’re learning about Ancient Egypt. At most schools, this would mean a chapter in a textbook … maybe a video. But at Haverford Friends, they get down and dirty with a 70-day chicken mummification process. Fortunately, the chickens are not coming from the school’s chicken coop (yes, they raise chickens as well). They’re using raw poultry.

The children at Haverford Friends are also making sarcophagi, because how can you have chicken mummies without chicken mummy sarcophagi? As for which class clown is going to secretly switch the teacher’s lunch with 70-day-old mummified chicken, we’ll keep you posted.

Should you want to mummify chickens at home, grab some chicken, kosher salt, rock salt and baking soda, then check out the video below.

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