Police Seek Red “Drywall” Pickup Truck in Cambria Street Home Invasion

Three suspects fled the scene of the crime early Friday morning.


Philadelphia Police are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying three suspects involved in a home invasion and robbery on Friday, February 19th, around 1:30 a.m. Surveillance video reportedly shows the suspects operating a red pickup truck with the word “Drywall” printed in bold letters on the tailgate — not exactly an inconspicuous getaway car.

The first suspect, described by police as a Hispanic female with black hair, wearing a black jacket with fur, knocked on the complainant’s door on the 1800 block of Cambria street and asked to use the phone. After the 41-year-old male let the first suspect inside the home, two other suspects, both described as Hispanic males, pushed through the door and entered with weapons.

Police say suspect No. 2 — a Hispanic male who was about 5’6″ and wore a black jacket, gray hooded sweatshirt and black pants — carried a baseball bat while suspect No. 3, only described as a Hispanic male, wielded a handgun. According to a police statement, suspect No. 2 “asked the complainant where his wallet was, striking the complainant on the side of his face with the bat.” 

Suspect No. 3 also reportedly struck the victim in the head. The suspects then stole Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 video game consoles in addition to “approximately $1,000 from a water jug located in the living room.”

Eventually, the victim was able to fight back, causing the three suspects to leave the home and flee the scene on foot. The surveillance footage shows two of the suspects running in opposite directions. “Suspect No. 1 ran from the property in an unknown direction while suspect No. 2 was last seen heading south on the 2800 block of Jasper Street,” the statement said. “Suspect No. 3 was last seen running north on the 2900 block of Jasper Street… ” where he reportedly entered an “unknown vehicle.” 

If anyone has information about the suspects or the vehicle, they are urged to contact the East Detective Division at 215-865-9962 or 215-686-3243.

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