WATCH: Cop Chases Jahlil Okafor Over Ben Franklin Bridge

TMZ obtained video of a DRPA police officer chasing Sixer Jahlil Okafor going 108 mph over the bridge in October. It is not like a video game.

Last week, a Camden judge ruled Jahlil Okafor would pay a $439 fine for being caught driving 108 miles per hour over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge on October 19th. The speed limit on the BFB in 45 miles per hour.

Now, TMZ has posted video of a Delaware River Port Authority cop chasing Okafor’s car over the bridge.

The video shows the cop, who paced him at 108 miles per hour, chasing Okafor’s Mercedes over the Bridge westbound into Philadelphia. The DRPA officer eventually pulls him over when Okafor exits the bridge’s off ramp at the 7th Street intersection.

Okafor pleaded guilty to the charge and was given a fine. But Camden decided to vacate the agreement; Okafor’s lawyer told the Inquirer the city wanted to add community service to the plea agreement, but the original plea was ruled valid. “If it was anyone else who had that same ticket, they wouldn’t have demanded anything or tried to overturn that plea agreement,” Andrew Smith told the paper.

TMZ says this chase “feels like it’s straight out of a video game,” which is obviously untrue. This is what you do on a bridge in a video game.

Okay, that’s actually the Gone in 60 Seconds jump scene re-created in Grand Theft Auto V. But the point stands: This Okafor chase does not rise to video game levels.

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