The Philly Police Trolled Kanye on Twitter

The cops told Kanye West he should apply to be a Philadelphia Police officer in order to get himself out of debt. Of course they did!

The Philly police trolled Kanye West on Twitter, and now we’re showing it to you.

Twitter is weird. People are often jokey. People always posture. This leads to some supremely weird tweets. That makes Twitter fun to read, which is cool. But for whatever reason, brands (#brands) have to get in on the act. They can’t just tell you to eat their hamburgers. They have to tell you to eat their hamburgers because Kanye West’s album is late.

But it’s not just brands. Actual law enforcement agencies have to get in on the fun. And this leads us to the Philly Police Department’s Twitter account, which is not just dedicated to telling you where the bad guys are. It’s also about silly memes. On Valentine’s Day the cops made a Titanic joke. (One odd rule about Twitter: You’re not out of touch if you riff on something that’s 20 years old.)

“The police are at it again with their wacky tweets,” a colleague wrote when he shared this. This is what happens. The police can’t be just the police anymore. They also have to make fun of Kanye West on Twitter. This is the world we live in now.

Anyway, this is kind of funny, so there’s no need to have an existential crisis about it. But still. The police made a Kanye tweet! Great. We shouldn’t rest until the Philadelphia Fire Department brings back its since-retired #notonfire hashtag.

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