WATCH: Leah Kauffman’s “Bernie Bae” Music Video

The Philadelphian who did “Crush on Obama” is back with a new video supporting Bernie Sanders.

Back in 2007, Philly’s Leah Kauffman made “Crush on Obama,” a viral video about a young woman supporting Obama for president. It went viral (26 million views on YouTube); Newsweek deemed it the No. 2 meme of the decade.

Now Kauffman is back with “Bernie Bae,” a song about crushing on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Yes, the Obama Girl is now voting for Bernie Sanders. And, what do you know: “Bernie Bae” is a much better song than “Crush on Obama.” I don’t mean to damn with faint praise, but one fact is true: This will be the best political song you will hear in 2016.

Kauffman tells Refinery29 she and Jeffrey Fry wrote the song during January’s big snowstorm, and she shot the video last weekend in Philadelphia. “I’ve participated in every presidential election since 2008, and I wanted to express my support for Sanders through song and video,” she told the site.

She even told the site she’d back Sanders over Obama if the president were somehow able to run for a third term this year. Kauffman, formerly of and Philly Voice, is now director of content strategy at 50onRed.

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