WATCH: Cory J. Popp’s Breathtaking “Blizzard in Philadelphia”

Philly can be magic in a snowstorm.

A few weekends ago, thick blankets of snow brought Philly to a screeching halt. It shut down schools and transportation, and forced most people to stay inside. But local video producer Cory J. Popp set out to capture the city’s beauty, and how Philadelphians interacted with it as the flakes fluttered down.

“What I wanted to show was the bright side of Philly’s winter weather, what Philadelphians were doing when the snow was still falling, and how they were enjoying it,” Popp told Philly Mag. “I was surprised, but there were actually a ton of people outside despite the weather warnings, and everyone I saw was having a blast, which is really evident in the video.”

There can be something peaceful about winter — less frantic — and the snow seems to make everything go in slow motion. Popp sets this scene perfectly, and conjures I am Legend-like images of those who braved the cold and had the big city to themselves for a while. Perhaps most importantly, he reminds us that our city has much to appreciate, if we’d ever pick our heads up from our phones and look around.

We’ve previously featured several of Popp’s videos in which he has highlighted Philly’s special allure all year round — with “A Very Philly Christmas,”  “Frozen Philadelphia,”  “Philly in Bloom” and “Philadelphia From Above” — using a perspective we could never gain on our own. See more of Popp’s work here.

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